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We create interactive and meaningful game experiences by connecting people and communities.
#Community-Based Game #Co-creation


Hi! We're Puzzle Weekly.

Founded in 2022, Puzzle Weekly promotes local culture and engages the community via gamification.


We collect local stories, conserve them via puzzle hunts and

co-create new memories with users and our co-creation team. ​


We are passionate in engaging the community with various creative solutions.

What We Provide

We design community-based games, workshops and programmes to provide a more interactive experience to explore and appreciate our local culture for local people, visitors, schools and organisations. 

Our co-creation and gamification model is highly adaptable to diversified social issues, culture and community stories, which can also be integrated into your existing activities.

We aim to encourage users to…


interesting local stories and hidden gems


diverse community and culture


with people, places and the community

Hong Kong Skyline

“I never knew there are many things in Wan Chai that could be transformed into puzzle hunt games!”

From a co-creation team member


Room 1012, 41 Heung Yip Road,

Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong


+852 9669 3804

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Let's Discover More Local Stories with Us!

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