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We design community-based games, workshops and programmes to provide a more interactive experience to explore and appreciate our local culture and stories for local people, visitors, schools and organisations.


Puzzle Hunt Game Design and Production

Design and produce puzzle hunt games with puzzle pack and web-app to encourage interactive community exploration by gamification.


Co-creation Program

Co-design new games with community members by a series of workshops, including site visits, ideation, design thinking, prototype tests, etc.


Engagement Workshops

Design, organise and facilitate various types of engagement workshops including idea generation, puzzle hunt design, evaluation, discussions etc.


Community Support & Education

Work with us to launch events that promote local culture and stories, co-creation and creative learning.

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Sharing Sessions

Share our start-up journey, design ideas and visions to students and the public in different programmes, talks, tutorials, coaching sessions, etc.

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Want to create interactive experience and connect with the community together?

Drop us a message to know more about what service best suit you!


Room 1012, 41 Heung Yip Road,

Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong


+852 9669 3804

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