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Cultural Go: Religion

Cultural Go: Religion


Take on the challenge of solving puzzles with friends from four different religions!


📍Learning while playing

From the puzzle challenges, experience a new game learning mode


📍Reading X Playing X Collecting

Combining exquisite physical booklets and web apps


📍Created by a team with diverse backgrounds

Co-designed with young people from different cultural backgrounds. The creative thinking is beyond your imagination!

  • Game Information

    Game location: unlimited, internet and smart phone are all you need


    Number of players: 2~3 people, it is more fun to play together!


    Player age: 10+, friends of all ages are good to play


    Game time: 30~60 min


    Game language: Chinese and English


    Puzzle difficulty: ✦✦✧✧✧


    *The puzzle game is a one-time game. After completing the puzzle, you cannot view it again in the web app.

  • How to play

    This puzzle booklet includes 4 puzzles and introduces the culture of religions. 2 accounts are provided for you and your friend to play and record the scores of your team in our web-app.

    Players use [instructions, props and hints] to solve [puzzles] according to the [clues] provided by the story, and input the answers into the [web app].

  • Game Workshop / Sharing


    We provide game workshops and sharing sessions with different topics and target audience at your school/organisation, feel free contact us via email, phone or WhatsApp.

  • shipping method

    SF Express / Hong Kong Post / Pick up at the office (please make an appointment)

    Shipped within 3 days of uploading proof of payment!

'Cultural Go: Religion' is co-created from the programme 'Puzzle Weekly: Series of Ethnic Minorities'.
Organised by | 搵呢搵路 Puzzle Weekly

Community Partner | 愛同行 WEDO Global

Funded by | 社創基金 SIE Fund

Intermediary | 社創社 BEHub

School Partner | 明愛胡振中中學 Caritas Wu Cheng-chung Secondary School

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